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Apricot |Mammee|local|medium

Apricot |Mammee|local|medium
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Commonely known as Mammee is many caribbean islands, this fruit is known as zar-be-co in creole. Round fruit between 5 and 7 inches in diameter. The fruit has rough brown skin and contains a single large seed. The flesh of unripe fruit is hard and becomes soft when fully ripened. The fruit is edible with tastes ranging from sour to sweet and reminiscent of imported apricots.The flesh is highly fragrant with a flavor of apricot and berries and can be eaten fresh or used to prepare jellies, preserves, or sherbets. The fruit is eaten while the flesh is still firm and the fruit will maintain their attractive flesh color for hours or even days. A cut fruit can be left on the kitchen counter and it will not brown. Now try that with apple or with the temperate apricot. 

Tropical Apricot is sold by units and are seasonal. Please contact your sales representative on availability.